American rapper, T.I. recently turned up on the black book of black Twitter following the recent debut of new Netflix film, ‘Cut Throat City’. 

In the RZA directed heist film, T.I. plays a character with vitiligo, a skin condition that causes the skin to lose its pigmentation.

Critics are coming for the rapper for a number of reasons including accepting to play the character instead of insisting the film’s producers cast an actor with vitiligo. Another is that the rapper gave an underwhelming performance in the film. 

Set in New Orleans in 2005, ‘Cut Throat City’ follows the story of four friends dealing with the effects of Hurricane Katrina . T.I. plays the character Cousin Bass, a drug dealer and gangster. The rapper cum actor is yet to respond to the latest criticism. 

Check out some Twitter reactions:

Source: Pulse Nigeria

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