Nollywood actor Baba Ijesha arrested for rape don confess to di charge, according to Police for Lagos, Nigeria. 

Di popular actor wey real name na Olarenwaju James chop arrest sake of accuse say e defile 14 years old girl.

CCTV capture di 48 years actor as e dey carri out di act for di house of victim, Muyiwa Adejobi, di police PRO tok for statement.

Police say di actor don dey allegedly defile di girl since di age of seven, from wetin dem find out. 

Baba Ijesha don confess to di crime and dem don begin do dia own investigate. di law enforcement agency add.

Di actor wey don act major nollywood movies for Nigeria dey very popular for southwest [Yoruba speaking part] of di kontri.

If court find am guilty, Olarenwaju James AKA Baba Ijesha, him risk life imprisonment as Nigeria dey tighten penalty for rape and violation of child rights.

According to di kontri Penal Code: Section 282 of di PC defines rape as “wen man get sexual intercourse wit a woman against her will, without her consent.

Or hen her approval alias consent dey obtained wen she dey in fear of death or of hurt”.

Di section add say “sex wit a girl under 14 years of age or a girl wey no get sound mind na rape, whether or not consent dey”.

Under di various Nigerian laws wit provisions on rape, di penalty for rape na life imprisonment.

However, dis no be compulsory sentence in all di laws.

E mean say di court fit decide to give a shorter sentence to di accused pesin.

As dat one dey trend, police for Oyo state announce in Thursday say dem don arrest one school teacher for Ibadan say e defile im 12 years old pupil.

Police say 30 years old teacher Olawuyi Ebenezer don dey do di tin to di small girl plenti times.

Tori of rape and defilement don dey become sometin to worri about in recent times for Nigeria as plenti popular and unpopular pipo don dey fall into di crime.

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