A 22-year-old mother, identified as Seun Oladayo, has confessed to how sold her newly born baby for N10,000, after a failed attempt to kill it in Ondo State.
It was gathered that, Oladayo cut the umbilical cord of the baby after delivery with the motive of killing her. When the baby didn’t die, she sold it to a Pastor, identified as Olawale who later reported the incident to Amotekun Corps.

According to her, she took the action after she realized that she would not be able to cater for the baby. She stated that the father of the baby had left her the day she informed him of the pregnancy.

“I did it because I don’t know how I am going to take care of the baby. So I told the pastor to take the baby away and bring N10,000.

I already have one child with me that I have been taking care of before I was pregnant again for Tope,” she said.

On his part, the Pastor disclosed that he suspected that the baby’s birth must have been induced as they were indications that it was not yet time for the delivery.

“The woman’s brother, Yinka, told me to bring N10,000, so that they can give the doctor N5, 000 for his job and I did because if I did not, another person would come and buy the baby. 

The baby was given to me in a sack with the placenta and I went to Amotekun’s office to explain what happened and the woman was arrested, and she was handed over to the Police at Area Commander, Yaba in Ondo,” he added.

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