‘Jowo’ and ‘Mebe‘ are two of the better songs on this album, but it’s hard to look past how cliche the production is.

This is not about a safe option – that would connote recognition of the problem by Davido. This is a decision born out of subconscious creative comfort. This is the same problem with ‘Holy Ground,’ albeit being a step below ‘Jowo.’ Like, leave that sound alone. Drop it!

‘A Better Time’ feels like ‘A Good Time’ with ‘Son of Mercy’ problems. It’s not like there is one song that is inherently bad, but a lot of the songs on ‘A Better Time’ are fundamentally flawed either by delivery, the event of album sequencing – which impacts the enjoyment of music more than almost anything, incomplete production or cliche Nigerian Afro-pop songwriting.

A core example of this is ‘Sunlight’ – all the potential in the world, but lacks that element of perfect finality.

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