One popular Nigerian social media influencer don lose her endorsement job wit local soda drink company afta viral video show her dey do longer throat for one child beggar inside traffic.

Di influencer wey pipo sabi as Motara bin post video wia she dey use mineral do long throat for one small girl wey dey beg. Inside di video, Motara bin make di small girl pursue her moto to sip small out of di drink.

Nigerians bin express serious vexation ontop di video sotay some pipo begin swear for di social media influencer.

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Di viral video dey come just some days afta Motara share tori wey touch pipo heart about how tins bin hard for her, even her mama bin dey hawk for streets before her grass come green.

Pipo para say as pesin wey don also taste poverty based on tori wey she share, Motara no suppose do dat small girl like dat. Di Ibadan-based influencer explain say she bin just dey whine di small girl and she later give her moni.

But dis explanation no go down well wit di owners of di drink wey Motara use dey do di girl longer throat.

Omotara lose her Brothers Keeper

Brothers Keeper wey be di makers of di Fearless energy drink wey Motara hold for di video release statement to inform di public say dem dey sack di social media sensation wey dem engage as dia Public Relation Officer (PRO).

Di drink company insist say wetin Motara do against dia beliefs and vision, say e dey ‘dehumanizing and degrading’.

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Motara in turn issue apology to her followers say she bin tink say wetin she do dey funny but now she dey sorry.

As e be so, some Nigerians for social media dey try see how dem go raise moni to comot di girl from di streets and send her go school.

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Twitter screenshot

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