Investigators arrested a man on Monday afternoon, June 1, on suspicion of murdering and cannibalising his grandmother.

Richmond officers allegedly caught the suspect, identified as Dwayne Wallick, 37 in the act of eating his 90-year-old grandmother, Ruby Wallick.

On Monday afternoon, authorities responded to a 911 call reporting a man standing over a bloody woman’s body on the 1200 block of Club Court in Richmond, a quiet residential area near the Hilltop Plaza.

According to Mercury News, when the officers entered the home, they allegedly found Dwayne Wallick standing over his grandmother and cannibalizing her.

Police officers catch 37-year-old man red-handed eating his 90-year-old grandmotherPolice officers catch 37-year-old man red-handed eating his 90-year-old grandmother

They then ordered Wallick to stop, but he ignored them and continued what he was doing, and police had to use a stun gun to tame him before handcuffing him.

Police said Wallick remains in a hospital, where he is being treated for unspecified physical injuries, while investigators are looking into whether drug use played a role in the crime.

Reports say the 90-year-old grandmother, Ruby Wallick, is said to have been “missing pieces of flesh” and paramedics were called but she was pronounced dead on Monday.

The exact cause of her death has not been disclosed but suspicion is rife that she must have died as a result of the grandson’s bloodthirsty act.

Police are expected to turn the case over to the District Attorney and ask for murder charges to be filed against Dwayne Wallick.

Both Dwayne and Ruby lived at the Club Court residence but it remains a mystery what was the motive for the old lady’s murder.