A viral video of televangelist and prosperity preacher, Paula White, summoning angels from Africa and South America to prevent Donald Trump from losing the presidential election to Joe Biden, has spurned hilarious reactions from Twitter Nigeria.

Full disclosure: White is Trump’s spiritual adviser. Or to put it formally, she is chair of the evangelical advisory board in Trump’s administration.

With Biden on the verge of flipping states like Arizona, Pennsylvania and Georgia into Democratic column, White thought it was about time celestial powers were summoned to STOP THE COUNT.

Joe Biden is besting Donald Trump in the US presidential contest (AFP)Joe Biden is besting Donald Trump in the US presidential contest (AFP)

Mark Makela/Getty Images

And where better to get them than from poor Africa– a continent famed for its rigged elections and voter fraud. I mean, angels from Africa should have form in these matters, yeah?

Let’s hear it from the one and only Paula White: “And strike and strike until you have victory….until you have victory. For every enemy that is aligned against you, let it be that we will strike…I hear the sound of abundance of rain, I hear a sound of victory. I hear a sound of shouting and singing, I hear a sound of victory.

“For angels are being released right now. Angels are being dispatched. Angels are being dispatched from Africa right now..from Africa right now..from Africa right now.

“They are coming here. From South America, from Africa, they are coming here. Angelic forces, angelic reinforcements,” White went on and on, chanting incantations to a frenzy and speaking in tongues.

Behind her, a bloke armed with an angelic towel paced, completely unbothered and aloof.

Twitter users couldn’t understand why African angels were being summoned to interfere in an American election, given that the continent barely has enough angels to fix her myriad challenges, and said so in a number of tweets:

Well, as you read this, the Angels from Africa are yet to heed to White’s summon because Trump is losing BIGLY in swing, battleground states and Biden is closer to the magic 270 electoral votes and the White House.

Slow angels, those.

Source: Pulse Nigeria